Killing Your Grind Time

What keeps us from grinding? Distractions.

When we have a long list of tasks to accomplish our dreams, they often get pushed to the back because of our long list of tasks we have to complete for everyone else. On todays episode, we are going to talk about ways to set up the perfect space for you to grind away at your goals and accomplish your dreams. Let's dig in...

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0:40 How Distractions Kill Your Focus
13:08 How to Create a Grind Space






Problem: People are distracted.

Article from Teamstage, “Workplace Distractions Statistics: Problems and Solutions in 2022”

  • Companies spend up to 31hrs a month in unproductive meetings.
  • As many as 40M Americans suffer from anxiety in the workplace. (Episodes #21 - #23)
  • 50% of employees say that they are distracted by their phones at work.
  • 98% of the workforce say they are interrupted at least 3 or 4 times a day.
  • Distractions can lead to committing twice as many errors as usual.

Stats from Statista, “Leading distractions among employees while working from home - 2020.”

  • Social Media - 61.6%
  • Smartphones - 53.7%
  • Binge-Watching - 42.1%
  • Kids - 33.8%
  • Gaming - 30.4%
  • News Media - 24.3%
  • Pets - 18.1%
  • Online Shopping - 16%
  • Partner - 12.3%

What is happening with the brain? Recap Top Down Bottom Up - Episode #21

  • The “bottom up” attention, sometimes called exogenous attention, is when your sensory world is driving what information you notice.
  • The “top down” attention, sometimes called endogenous attention. This is where it is your brain which is dictating and directing how you should be focusing your attention.

Solution: A space to grind.

  • Grind task are non creative task that you need to crank out
  • Create a Grind Space free from distractions. - Episode #6
  • Remove Clutter - Episode #7
  • Turn off Notifications
  • Time Block (Treat your calendar as your Top Down Planner
  • Goals - Episode #11
  • Task - Episode #12
  • Invest in yourself by investing in your grind space.
  • Create a “JOB” Space and a “Dreams” Space/Settings if you can.

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