Welcome to the FocusCast, today our guest is Clay Goswick, a 6 figure photographer on his way to 7 figures. We will hear how he changed is pricing strategy to pass 6 figures and what he plans to do to reach 7.  Let's welcome our guest… 

00:00 Intro Our Guest Clay Goswick
00:22 Intro to Podcast
00:32 Intro to The Focus Cast
01:29 Questions About Clay Goswick Photography
07:45 How Long Have You Been Shooting
10:30 Photography & Social Media
15:28 When Did You Hit 6 Figures
17:20 Time Blocking & 4 Hour Work Week
20:45 Make More Money by Saying No More
22:26 Handling Toxic Clients
31:00 What Makes a Great Photographer
38:49 What Makes a Good Photo
43:00 How Clay Stays Focus
47:00 Got To Have an Outlet



  • Clay, what do you do?  
  • So when did you hit six figures in revenue? 
  • We will come back to this, but first… 
  • Who is your target customer? Small to large size companies that value imagery. 
  • What problem your target customer is trying to solve? Quality control. Being sold garbage.
  • How do you solve these problems? Provide quality with ease of communication. 
  • How long have you been shooting? 
  • So there are a lot of photographers, what is your expertise?
  • Where does the majority of your revenue come from? 
  • What steps did you take to pass 6 figures? 
  • What makes a good photo? 
  • What makes a good photographer? 
  • Why should brands have good photography? 


  • What areas do you struggle to maintain focus personally? Being aggressive in seeking out new clients. (sales) 
  • What systems/habits do you maintain to stay focused? 
    • Exercise it's good for the brain. 
    • You have to have an outlet. 
    • Proper scheduling and allowing buffer time.
  • What is your #1 personal goal for the next 3-6 months? Regain my cycling fitness.

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