Your space influences your quality and type of focus. 

Research from the Pew Research Center that surveyed roughly 10,000 Americans from Jan. 24 to Jan. 30 roughly 6 in 10 U.S. workers who say their jobs can be done from home. 59% are doing work from home all or most of the time.

At Forms & Focus, our mission is to increase your focus so you can accomplish your dreams. Many of us have dreams and goals. What keeps us from them is our inability to remove distractions and focus. We will accomplish our mission by providing you with guided forms that manifest radical focus.

0:00 - Intro
2:27 - Problem - Where you work influences your quality of focus.
5:43 - Solution/Habits for better focus.



SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE #6 Forms and Focus Discussion on Work Space 


  • Don't underestimate how much your surroundings can influence your productivity.
  • Cleveland Clinic: Your bed is not your desk. Medical providers agree that working from your bed could disrupt your sleep schedule and actually make you less productive. And can wreak havoc on your posture – causing you annoying aches and pain that could be avoided from a proper workplace setup.
  • A study by Herman Miller found that workplace design had "a small but consistent and real influence" on workers' performance—increasing productivity as much as 16% and job satisfaction by 9%. 


  • Study found in the National Library of Medicine has shown that messy desks can make us more creative. The findings suggest that neat, ordered environments make us more likely to conform to expectations and play it safe, while messy ones move us to break with the norm and look at things in a new way. 


Have different spaces for different things:

  • Focused / grind Space: CLEAN, Clutter Free, Well Lite, Your perfect pencil, pin, highlighter, perfect desktop setup, plenty of plants, cockpit setup, plenty of water, fruit and healthy snacks on the ready. 
  • Creative / Free Thinking Space: Sticky notes, fidget widgets, books, papers, magazines, shapes, tools, pens, snacks, instruments, and more
  • Relax / Reward Space: Soft lights, dark chocolate, bourbon, wine, books, journals, blankets, pillows, whatever makes you just relax. 



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