Welcome to the FocusCast, today our guest is Alex Ballew founder of Secret River Sounds. Alex is a vibrational sound therapist who uses various instruments and techniques to create a vibrational massage. This massage penetrates on a cellular level helping ease the listener into a meditative state, which soothes the nervous system and encourages deep relaxation. Alex recounts stories of his clients having emotional breakthroughs and releasing traumas while in this hyper relaxed restorative state. After covering a range of topic from health, removing vices, and overcoming fear, Alex takes us though a short meditation/sound immersion with some of this instruments. 



00:00 Intro Alex Ballew
01:16 Podcast Intro 
03:10 Breath is the Ultimate Tool
05:10 Alex Breaks Down Vibrational Sound Therapy 
07:44 Stories of Emotional Breakthroughs 
10:20 Learning to Heal Yourself 
21:29 Sacrifices to Level Up
38:00 Reducing Electronics 
52:00 Working Through Fear  
1:09:35 Breath Work 
1:20:45 Sound Immersion