00:46 Music Intro 
01:20 Is it hippie nonsense 
07:50 Mental grounding   
20:00 Ungrounded characteristics
36:25 Grounded characteristics  
39:40 How to ground  



Is “BEING GROUNDED” some hippy nonsense? 

  • Physically Grounded, Science Direct, “Integrative and lifestyle medicine strategies should include Earthing (grounding).”
    • Earthing (also known as grounding) refers to the discovery that bodily contact with the Earth's natural electric charge.
    • Some 20 studies to date have reported intriguing evidence of wide and significant physiological improvements when the body is grounded vs. ungrounded.
  • Mentally Grounded, Psychology Today, 
    • “If you’re grounded, you practice a deep sense of mindfulness and rarely think about “what ifs.” 
    • According to author Michael Daniels in his book, Shadow, Self, Spirit (2005), groundedness refers to “a sense of being fully embodied, whole, centered and balanced in ourselves and our relationships.”
  • Personal Experience: 
    • Talk about being around grounded people
      • They are not codependent 
      • They are not in competition with you 
      • They are not narcissistic
    • Talk about being around ungrounded people
    • Therapy Experience and what grounded means to Bryan? 
    • What grounded means personally to Jonathan

Characteristics of a grounded person according to an article in Inc. Magazine. 

  • They're unshakeable
  • They're reliable
  • They possess an unwavering moral compass
  • They're humble
  • They have a healthy self-esteem
  • They don't worry
  • They stand up for what's right
  • They don't conform to make people like them
  • They encourage others to succeed
  • How Do We Ground Ourselves? 
    • Psychology Today, “Grounding Techniques for Trauma and Anxiety”
    • Soothing Strategies 
      • Self-Talk
      • Meditation
      • Music
      • Pets
      • Visualization
    • Mental Strategies: Activate the part of your brain required for higher-level “thinking” rather than emotional instincts.
      • Subtract seven from 100, and then keep it going.
      • Spell your first and last name backward, then repeat this with a few names of family members or friends. 
      • Look around your environment to describe the objects and colors you see
      • Watch something that makes you laugh
      • List four things that bring you joy or that you’re grateful for, briefly imagining each in your mind.
    • Physical Strategies
      • Cold water. 
      • Take a walk outside. 
      • Focus on your five senses. 
      • Savor food or drink. 
      • Touch an object and describe it in detail.