It is hard to focus on what we want when we have the wrong attitude. 

Our “survival brain” is holding hostage our rational brain, leading us to live in a fear of survival. And while limits are learned, fear is a limitation. Today we will talk about how our attitude keeps us in the right mindset to focus on our dreams. 

At Forms & Focus, our mission is to increase your focus so you can accomplish your dreams. Many of us have dreams and goals. What keeps us from them is our inability to remove distractions and focus. We will accomplish our mission by providing you with guided forms that manifest radical focus.

0:00 - Intro
1:48 - Problem - Our attitude greatly impacts our ability to focus. 
9:30 - Solution/Habits for better focus.





  • RESOURCE: Jim Kwik
  • When you’re in your “survival brain” (fear state, fight or flight) you’re held hostage from your rational brain, or ability to make good decisions and see things clearly. 
  • Limits are learned, and fear is a limitation.  It’s a constraint or boundary. Chronic stress shrinks the human brain. A metaphor Jim uses is the transformation of a butterfly. Most of the transformations happen in a cocoon. It’s a struggle to get out of the “cocoon” and fly. 
  • It’s not just time management, it’s priority management. The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing.
  • Our minds have a similar algo. Media knows this if it “bleeds it leads”. If you engage doom in gloom, you’re training your nervous system to only focus on those things. This takes away your bandwidth to focus on life. A large cognitive load is used when you’re in a fear state.  


  • Powerful mindsets that high performing people have (per Jim Kwik). The 3 G’s
    • Growth mindset: Your brain is a supercomputer; it can grow and evolve; you can always learn. Versus a fixed mindset.
    • Grit: in the “superhero journey” struggle becomes your strength. Arnold Schwarzenegger “champions are able to push past the pain period” Mountain biking
    • Giving: The greats learn, earn, then return. 
  • Little by little, it becomes a lot with good habits. 


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