Michael Plasha is a nationally Recognized Yoga and Ayurvedic Educator; Writer; Workshop Leader; Mindfulness and Meditation Coach and Consultant, Trainer, Keynote Speaker and Consultant for Corporations, Non-Profits, Hospitals, and Schools.



01:10 Music Intro
02:20  Michael Plasha Intro
03:09 What is Mindfulness   
05:55  Why Mindfulness
13:25 4 Foundations of Mindfulness
18:45 First Level of Awakening
30:15  Mindfulness Practice Live
47:11 Being Attached to Expectations
01:16:20 Life Without Substances

Michael Plashas calming and grounded presence is instantly felt as we discuss several topics: mindfulness, meditation, intuitive/divine prompts, expectations, to list a few. During a short mindfulness practice Micheal helps us find/notice the space between thoughts where pure presentness and existence happen. Several nuggets of wisdom are dropped we talk through the causes of suffering, frustrating, and expectations. Towards the end Michael offers a meditation practice for those with hyper active minds who look at any from of meditation as a burden.