Welcome to the FocusCast, today our guest is Alex Stadler, a 6 figure massage therapist. This is not just ANY cookie cutter massage therapy as Alex combines myofascial release, kinesiology, muscle testing, education and what he calls deep listening to provide unparalleled healing and therapy.  Alex is full of amazing insights as we shed light on his business and eventually dive into deeper topics such as trauma, hate, anger, attachments and many more.   Let's welcome our guest… 

00:00 Intro Our Guest Alex Stadler
01:33 Intro to Podcast
01:46 Intro to The Focus Cast
02:44 Alex intro's his companies
05:00 Client Comprehension and self agency
07:30 Different approach as a producer 
18:45 More than just a massage therapist 
29:40 Increasing revenue when you're helping people
39:00 A different angle on anger
46:40 Attachment to certain outcomes leads to frustration 
48:50 Trauma, deep listening, healing
55:00 Alex talks through his struggles 
01:04:20 Is what you're doing WORTHY of your time
01:10:15 Task management 
01:16:00 Talking vs pushing sales

Alex drops countless nuggets of wisdom as we cover several lighthearted and deeper topics. He shares some life experiences and traumas that helped shape his outlook and approach to healing. We also discuss the superpower/burden of trauma, and how it's abled him to hold space for those seeking help/wellness.