Entrepreneurship and Self Care

Bro,  does it feel like we live in a self care era of existence. Do you ever wonder if culture in ancient civilizations told people they’re working too hard or if they would look at you like a moron? Is self care really just a cover up for people who work jobs they hate? On this episode we’re looking at self care from a different angle to see what’s going on. 

01:20 Podcast Intro
02:15 Bashing kitschy internet articles
03:25 People project their insecurities onto you
07:00 Modern society is full of conveniences
09:25 Self care when you hate your job
11:50 Self care is not what others project onto us
15:30 We're all going to die anyway
16:30 Finding you're formula/rhythm 





Bro, so we’re talking about self care and per usually I didn’t want to pull up a bunch of bullshit kitschy internet articles on the internet that tell you you’re working to hard and you need to relax yada yada yada. We’re solopreneurs and side hustlers trying to reach financial freedom. 

  • Here’s a problem we may face as solopreneurs and side hustlers. People will tell us dumb shit like “hey you’re working to hard” “Your’re not focusing on XYZ”. 
  • It’s likely people telling you you’re working to hard aren’t satisfied with what they're doing. They can't conceive of a work life that you actually enjoy.
  • If  you need self care days perhaps it’s time to think about what you can do in your life to flip the script. You don’t need self care days if you enjoy what you do. 


This is not saying sleep or exercise don’t matter. Real self care is all the shit we do to function at our highest level. The habits that empower us. 

  • Don’t listen to anyone who says blindly tells you what you “need” or “have” to do  
  • If you want to work non stop it’s your life, if you want to take days off do it, but do it because it’s your decision and not people telling you what to do. (It’s all about intention)
  • Work towards doing things you enjoy doing, we’re all going to die anyway. 
  • Don’t hang out with people who drag you down
  • People love to projects they’re failures and inadequacies on you. It’s you’re life, not theirs. 

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